Career Role Models

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Meet our 2010 Role Model Group

            The first Role Model 2010 Group

This project brings multimedia mathematics software to 9th & 10th grade students and professional development for teachers in rural NC schools in Chatham, Iredell, Edgecombe, and Greene
Counties. In order to engage these students and raise interest in mathematics, we are looking for STEM and IT workforce professionals to serve as real-world role models for the project's high school students. 

Because we understand those in STEM related careers lead busy lives, we are asking for a minimal time commitment. Career Role Model activities include:

  • Visit a local high school one day at the beginning of the course year to share your math-related professional experiences with Geometry and/or Algebra classes.
  • Be interviewed for an online video that will enable students to have a better understanding of your career in order to foster greater STEM career awareness.

It's clear that STEM-related learning has to be improved and quickly, and we are hoping our approach can help.  If you can help us and wish to participate in our career role model program, please contact Dr. Sarah Stein using this contact form. The students of North Carolina need you--we hope you can help.