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LCD Light and Holography - Michael Escuti

This video has been used as part of a unit on Vectors.

Michael Escuti, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NCSU, shares with us about how he uses Geometry and vectors to control the direction and properties of light.

---- Related Activity ---- Investigating Screen Brightness

Synopsis - This activity is designed to use the Vernier Light Sensor to create a model to represent the change in brightness level for a computer display screen. Some models may represent a linear relationship; others may represent an exponential relationship.

Materials - computer screen(s) or cell phone(s) with brightness adjusting capabilities, fathom, logger lite, vcl, go!Link, Vernier Light Sensor

Notes - Activity works best with groups of 3. Roles include: 1) student to hold the sensor, 2) student change the brightness level, and 3) a student to monitor experiment and manage data in Fathom/Logger Lite.