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Transportation Roadways and Vertical Curves

Senior Transportation Researcher Daniel Findley discusses how transportation workers use the parabolic equation and vertical curves to design roadways.

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Synopsis: You are taking a nice drive in your beautiful car, when suddenly your brakes fail and your car is driving out of control. This activity will allow you to test several different surfaces to see which one would be ideal to safely stop your car.

You will simulate several “test drives” onto different available surfaces and determine which surface provides the best and safest stopping material for your “vehicle”.  

Materials: One (1) toy car (bigger than a matchbox car works best), One (1) cardboard ramp approximately 6 inches,  Go! Motion detector, Laptop with Fathom connection and Logger Lite, At least 3 different surfaces

Files: Please use "transportation project.ftm and project surface.docx for this activity

Quadratic Equation