Role Model Videos

Use the select lists below to find a video based upon math concepts and careers!

Analytics and Data Optimization - Erika Cerwin



Erika talks about how she helps companies learn more about what their customers need and want from products. She uses the example of customer feedback about a John Deere Tractor to illustrate how feedback can be valuable to a company.


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Critical Thinking
Customer Value Analyst - Jennifer Tripoli

Jennifer Tripoli shares with us how she uses qualitative and quantitative research to learn more about customer transactions.  She uses ratings systems, customer feedback, surveys, and interviews to help companies learn how to better serve their customers.


---- Related Activity ---- Customer Satisfaction

Synopsis - This activity is designed to use Fathom to analyze real world customer satisfaction data to discover the relationships within the data and make predictions of furture customer satisfaction ratings.

Materials - Fathom, Food Data.csv, Airline Data.csv, Car Data.csv, Department Stores Data.csv, Hotel Data.csv

Notes - Activity is designed to work in pairs.  Extension project is available within the lesson.  Sample Student Food Data Fathom Lesson is attached.

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Critical Thinking
IBM Worldwide Client Support, Vice President - Wendy Toh



Wendy shares with us how her focus on mathematics in high school and college opened the door for her to work at IBM.

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Critical Thinking
Video Game Production Designer - Shaun McCabe

Shaun, a video game producer for Insomniac Games, talks about how math is used in the video game industry and his experience with math in high school.

---- Related Activity: Using Gym Memberships to Understand Systems----

Synopsis - This activity is designed to apply system of equations to the real-world situation of gym memberships. The students will conduct their own reasearch and use Fathom to analyze and interpret the graphs associated with purchasing a gym membership. 

Materials -Fathom, two computers

Notes - Activity works best with groups of 3-4. Roles include: 1) two students to research gym rates 2) student to input the data into Fathom and create the tables and graphs, and 3) a team leader to keep the group organized and on task by following actitvity displayed on their computer.