Role Model Videos

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Video Game Production Designer - Shaun McCabe

Shaun, a video game producer for Insomniac Games, talks about how math is used in the video game industry and his experience with math in high school.

---- Related Activity: Using Gym Memberships to Understand Systems----

Synopsis - This activity is designed to apply system of equations to the real-world situation of gym memberships. The students will conduct their own reasearch and use Fathom to analyze and interpret the graphs associated with purchasing a gym membership. 

Materials -Fathom, two computers

Notes - Activity works best with groups of 3-4. Roles include: 1) two students to research gym rates 2) student to input the data into Fathom and create the tables and graphs, and 3) a team leader to keep the group organized and on task by following actitvity displayed on their computer.