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Engineering Careers - Windlift




Rob Creighton, Founder and President of Windlift shares with us how he uses a kiteboarding kite to harness the power of the wind and provide energy to those in need.

---- Windlift Activity----

Synopsis: This activity attached below is designed to use Fathom software to record a controlled experiment involving bottle rockets. Each trial will use a different percentage of water capacity in the bottle to discover the amount of water that will give the rocket maximum height. It will help model quadratic functions and interpret the effects of controlled input values on each output value.

Materials: 16oz. bottles (standard 9/16" opening), water, cardboard, glue/tape, paint (decoration), link:

Notes: This acitivity can be conducted in two ways: 1) The class can build their own bottle rockets and shoot them off in an open area or outdoors. 2) The class can use the website to simulate bottle rocket launches instead of building rockets from the materials. 

Attached are the instructions as well as a Fathom file with sample data.