Role Model Videos

Use the select lists below to find a video based upon math concepts and careers!

Bugs and Bots - iBionics Engineering - Alper Bozkurt

Alper shares his work with creating integrated biobots, robots made from bugs!


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Oncology Nursing - Melissa Holt



Watch this video to learn more about how nurses calculate pain medication dosage rates for patients.

Systems Biologist - Cranos Williams - North Carolina State University


Cranos shares with us how math can be used to describe and control plant systems similar to how radio controlled cars are controlled. He describes math as a form of art, which he uses to create new solutions to global problems.

---- Related Activity ---- Faster and Farther

Materials - Go!Motion sensor, Fathom, Logger Lite (if using VCL), five cars, two computers

DESCRIPTION: In this activity students, working in small groups, will conduct an experiment in which they formulate conjectures to determine which variables influence the velocity and total distance traveled of a car rolling down a ramp. They will test their conjectures by conducting a lab using Fathom and motion detectors and matchbox cars

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